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Friday, February 4, 2011


i'm not quite sure how to structure 'everything reconsidered' yet - my mind is spinning with ideas - so im going to start writing whatever comes to mind. my fingers are crossed that everything will come together.  

i'm a self proclaimed foodie. i love eating out, cooking, baking. if it involves calories, count me in.

Rice Flour - Thanksgiving 2011 - Boston
food and i have a love/hate relationship. 3 years ago i was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies and a serious intolerance to dairy. now, i'm 100% dairy free (i still eat eggs), and 100% gluten free. its been a struggle to find balance in my diet. lucky for me, i live in boulder. 
 i recon i'd be seriously screwed if i lived elsewhere. reason being - boulder is health conscious and there seems to be a natural food store at every street corner. i try to eat healthy, local, organic foods - free of refined sugars, preservatives and dyes whenever possible. eating healthy and avoiding foods that i'm allergic to has alleviated most of my stomach 'symptoms' - i'll spare you the gory details.

i've been testing a ton of gluten free/dairy free recipes lately. let me tell you - being pitted with the challenge of not having wonderful, ewy-gewy, gluten to bind ingredients together is a real downer. go ahead and add a breathtaking 5280 vertical feet above sea level to the lack of gluten and youve got yourself a recipe for disaster. at this point any sane person would/should give up at this point.

honestly, i cant tell you how many times i've had semi-meltdowns while attempting gluten/dairy free/high altitude baking. my unfortunate boyfriend has been the brunt of many of my baking-gone-arwy outbursts. poor guy.

after countless attempts, i'm still struggling to get this baking thing down. cooking has proved to be much, much easier. however, as of late - i've mastered a few cookie receipes. i'll be sharing my food/photo experiences with you real soon. with the super bowl coming up i promised some friends that i'd bring along baked goods to a house party this weekend.

i vow to not bring gritty, rice flour based cookies that have the consistency of sand.


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