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Monday, February 7, 2011

touchdown! what should i make next? help me decide!

so here are my (very unscientific) results - the cookies went over amazingly.

a friend of mine hosted a super bowl party yesterday - i brought over gluten/diary free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and gluten/dairy free chocolate walnut brownie cookies. party-goers began streaming in around 3:30pm - just enough time to grab grub, pick their poison & a position on the couch before the big game. i told select need-to-know folks about the cookies' ingredients - the rest, clueless.

soon after folks arrived the cookies started disappearing. i got a bit concerned at this point, simply because i wanted everyone to try each cookie. at this point i decided to ration the cookies. i stashed away a quantity of both flavors, if you will, and then strategically placed them on the kitchen counter when 'non-tryers' entered the kitchen. everyone was able to try each cookie. 
completely irrelevant photo

not long after cookies started hitting stomachs - i started getting comments on how good they were. i uncovered the heinous truth to those that didnt know the gluten/dairy free properties of the cookies. i heard  the phrase 'no way' a few times in response to the lack of ever present flour and butter. the packers won the super bowl and i scored a culinary touchdown.

for those of you faced with a food allergy/intolerance i urge you to try both cookie recipes: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies & chocolate walnut brownie cookies. remember, you can always substitute ingredients - be adventurous!

i dont have any new food pictures to share with you tonight and i dont really want to post something thats already appeared on my facebook/twitter/flickr sites - so i'm leaving you with a photo that i took a few weekends ago - it has absolutely no relevance to this post whatsoever. dont ask, im tired.

help me decide on my next post - gluten free angelfood cake (maybe coconut) OR flourless chocolate cake? leave me a comment and let me know which i should make next!


  1. Hello, I've made a flourless chocolate cake a few times for those folks back in the day up on Lee Hill. It's was a delicious rich dense cake with a chocolate glaze. It was a MS recipe. It's a toss up. DO you want that cake haunting you every time you step into the kitchen? Ha ha. Actually, I'd probably say try the cake. The angel food cake will need some good fresh berries and it's not quite the season for those.

    I came a across a vegan whipped cream recipe while staying with Chris in NY. It may be good with either of your choices.

    Whipped Cashew Cream
    1 Cup Thick Cashew Cream (see below)
    1/4 Cup light agave nectar
    1/2 tea vanilla
    2/3 Cup refined coconut oil (melted)

    Blend the cream, agave, vanilla and a 1/4 cup water. While running the blender drizzle the oil in. Cover and chill for 2 hrs. Makes 2 cups

    Regular Cashew Cream (can be used in place of dairy cream)
    2 Cups soaked overnight raw whole cashews (not pieces)

    After rinsing the soaked cashews a few times, place in blender. Put enough water in to cover the cashews. Blend and sieve (unless you are using a vitamix, but your lucky if you have one). For a "thick" cream use less water.

    Sounds delicious eh?

  2. The photo is great too. The color of the sun spot adds just the right color to it.

  3. i vote for the choc. cake as well!

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